to Apr 30
Hunger Fight
Sunday, 12:00 PM - 12:00 PM , Country Homes Christian Church

Our annual Food Fight has changed to Hunger Fight.

We are no longer in teams, it is all of us together donating money, and not food. The parameters have changed to better suit the people we are serving and our abilities as a congregation. The Food Bank and Caritas are better able to meet the community’s needs with money rather than donations. This suits CHCC well, as no one has to haul in the donations or haul them out. The buying power of the Mead Food Bank and Caritas is greater than ours as consumers. So our dollar will feed more people than our donations in this situation.

We will have a thermometer in the Sanctuary letting us know where we stand each week. The first level we attain will be bread & water for our potluck. The second level will be burgers/hot dogs. The third level will allow us to have spaghetti/lasagna. The top will be Prime Rib. Kathye has created the measuring device with corresponding pictures.

Mead Food Bank's buying power is $0.15 on the dollar for protein/grains. So our goal is $1500.00.