2020 Search & Call Ministry

March 2021 Update

Pastor Jason Jones and his family plan to arrive in Spokane in the middle of April. Pastor Jones anticipates leading his first worship service at CHCC on Sunday, April 18th.

We look forward to walking into God's future with the Jones family!

December 27th, 2020 Update

On Sunday, December 27th, the congregation voted to call Pastor Jason Jones to be the next settled minister of Country Homes Christian Church. We are so excited to welcome Jason and his family into our church home!

We will share more details with you all as we receive them. Please continue to check the chart at the bottom of this page for updates, as well.

Please keep the church and the Jones family in your prayers as we enter into this new season together!

December 20th, 2020 Update

The Search & Call Ministry and the Church Board have completed Step 8 in the Search & Call Process! The congregational vote will be after our worship service on Sunday, December 27th. Please see the chart below for continued updates.

December 13th, 2020 Update

Step 7 is officially complete, and we are making great progress toward calling our next pastor! Please see the chart at the bottom of this page for information about important upcoming dates.

November 1st, 2020 Update

We are now on Step 7 in the Search & Call process!

Please refer to the chart at the bottom of the page for continued updates.

October 18th, 2020 Update

We are now on Step 6 in the Search & Call process!

Please refer to the chart at the bottom of the page for continued updates.

October 14th, 2020 Update

Our team has completed our Congregational Profile, as well as put together a snapshot.

Have you seen the snapshot? It really is worth watching! It took a group effort but we are quite pleased with the finished product. You can find it at www.chchristian.org/aboutus.

We are now on Step 5 (see chart at the bottom of this page)! We will be getting profiles in the next week or two. Please continue to pray for the one God has been preparing for us. Please also remember to pray for the Search & Call Team for divine guidance, and prayers for our congregation through this transition.

Search & Call meeting discovery

Thank you everyone for sending back completed surveys sent to you several weeks ago. The Search committee has collated your replies and will be sending another survey soon to help us narrow down your priorities and also one to share your desires for the strengths and personality traits for a settled pastor. Please prayerfully fill them out, we need your thoughts to make the best choice for the future of CHCC.  

Two subjects that you mentioned were better communication with the community and more use of our facility by outside groups. We have started a fund for a digital exterior sign that will make it possible to share information with passersby. Your designated contributions to that fund will help it happen. Prior to going into Phase 1 and 2, the following groups used our building on a regular basis:


1. Samoan Congregational Christian Church

2. Mead Pre School Co-Op

3. CWF/JOY Circle

4. Women’s Book Club

5. English Language School


7. North Star Senior Center

8. Bridge Club

9. VASA Swedish Group

10. GA

11. Eastern Washington Genealogy Society

12. Finlandia (Finnish) Group

13. Spokane Falls Doll Club

14. Washington State Quilters

15. Periodic renters: Hunter’s Club—(Metal detectors hunting), Class Reunions/Weddings/Receptions/Funerals/Memorials

16. Annual renters: Chattaroy Christmas Club

17. Occasional renters: Governmental agencies holding town hall meetings regarding neighborhood developments, as well as AVISTA and STA


Our building is used a great deal to support the community and we get requests often due to the wonderful parking and building set up. All groups love the location of the kitchen, fellowship hall and restrooms. As well as the access without stairs is always a drawing card.

New member to the Search & Call Ministry Team

We have heard your voice that stated it was important for an Elder Chairperson to be part of this process. Therefore, we have invited Marge Nave to join our team, and she has graciously accepted the call.

Thank you all for your input. We will keep you updated as we proceed in this journey.

Search & Call Updates

We are currently in the process of calling a settled pastor! Keep an eye on the chart below as the Search & Call Ministry, along with the entire congregation, prayerfully consider where God is leading Country Homes Christian Church.